1. Write about environment in English

ENODASE (ENO Database of Student English) encourages teachers to incorporate the themes of ENO – the promotion of environmental sustainability and global education – into English language teaching. The goal of the project is the compilation of a publicly available database, which will be a useful tool for both for teachers as well as for researchers into English language acquisition and variation, environmental education, and cultural studies. The topics of the ENODASE written assignments can be used as a part of the ENO Treelympics programme in your school, and students’ stories and essays will be posted on the Treelympics website in addition to being added in the database.

ENODASE is primarily for students aged 14-19, but younger students (aged 12-13) can also contribute to the database. See the ENODASE website for further information and instructions on how to participate. If you are a teacher interested in joining us, please sign up by sending an e-mail to Heli Paulasto, University of Eastern Finland: heli.paulasto (at)

Story topics

The life of a tree
Our tree-planting day
Adventures in nature
My favourite place in the world
Ghosts and goblins in the forest
My hero(es)
Free story topic on a nature/environment/peace theme

Essay topics

The significance of tree-planting in my country
The most significant environmental problems
My actions for the future of the planet
My wish of the futureChanges in my environment: past and present
Science and technology: a blessing or a curse?
Combatting racism
Human rights: need for improvement?
A world of peace
We are different: tolerance, not ignorance
My message to the world leaders
We learn to give, care and share
Free essay topic on a nature/environment/peace theme


2. Sing our tree planting song!

Hi and ho, we plant trees!

Sheet music ( Hi and ho we plant trees)
Sheet music (Finnish version)
Instrumental version for rehearsals (mp3)


3. Read our book Planting Seeds of Action

Book is about the ENO Programme and articles by ENO teachers and eminent professors in the field of forestry, ethics and environmental education. There are also stories for Peace Forest book by ENO students around the world.

Book is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. You are able to read it online here.