ACT NOW! ENO Action Plan For Forests

ENO Programme organised Act Now! Conference on Forests 2011 in Finland. In the conference, participants voted for the key actions concerning world forests. ENO Action 9 For Forests was created from the most voted actions. ENO Action 9 For Forest is the agenda for ENO Tree Planters. Actions 1, 2 ja 3 are linked to economical sustainability, actions 4, 5 ja 6 to ecological sustainability and actions 7, 8 ja 9 to social sustainability.


1) We must ensure that forest felling is smaller than forest growth.
2) We must plant trees so that there is enough wood for people in the future. 
3) We must have sanctions against illegal forest harvesting in every country.


4) We must save forests because they are needed to balance global climate changes. 
5) We must not destroy the habitats of different species. 
6) We must save forests by planting tree species of local origin.


7) We must save forests as a place to live (they are homes for 300 million people).
8) We must increase the use of forests as nature’s own source of nutrition (berries, mushrooms, herbs, spices, etc.)
9) We must develop forests as places for relaxation and revitalisation (hiking, fishing etc.)


For each of actions, a birch was planted by ENO students and teachers in September 2011, Koli, FINLAND.