3,2 million trees planted in ENO Treelympics 2016

623 schools from 52 countries registered and planted in total 3,2 million trees in ENO Treelympics 2016.Due to technical problems we did not receive data from all the schools that participated.Two countries ruled. Belarus was the motor and alone there schools planted 2,2 million trees. The other was Turkey where schools planted 0,84 million trees. Jordan reached TOP 20 with their 52 000 trees. Winners will be awarded in Joensuu, Finland, during the Act Now Conference 14-17 June 2017. 


1. Podorossky Teaching and Learning Complex Kindergarten - High School Belarus 202358 trees
2. Vornyanskaya kindergarten secondary school Belarus 187575 trees
3. Rogovskaya kindergarten - secondary school Belarus 173929 trees
4. Verdomichskaya school Svisloch district Belarus 122000 trees
5. Izabelinskaya kindergarten-school Belarus 94900 trees 
6. Podolskaya school Belarus 74907 trees 
7. Gneznovskaya kindergarten- school Belarus 73000 trees 
8. Hava İkmal Bakım Merkezi İlkokulu Turkey 72000 trees
9. Porozovskaya school Belarus 70000 trees 
10.Spondovskaya kindergarten-school Belarus 66547 trees